Starting web development in 2021

Simple guide that you only need ever
Starting web development in 2021

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. HTML
  3. CSS
  4. JavaScript
  5. Next Step
  6. Conclusion

If you want to start web development in 2021, you might be pretty overwhelmed 🙄.

Here I’m walk you through a handy roadmap to start web dev as a complete beginner.


Okay, so first thing first if you want to start web dev, you are going to be a programmer which mean you’ll write some code and for writing code you’ll need a code editor.

If you are going to use notepad for writing code, leave it right now. You are going to be a programmer, not a typewriter.

You need a code editor which designed for programmer. A code editor not only help you to write code but also improve your programming experience.

There are lot of code editor and you don’t have to try them all. Try VS Code, the only best code editor.

You can download it from here

Now, if you don’t know, thing you see on web are build upon three key elements: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

HTML, building block 🧱 of web page

Everything you see on web is written is HTML, like an image, button, text, shapes etc.

So start learning HTML which you can easily learn in a couple of week.

CSS, styling 🎨 the web

After learning HTML, you’re going to use CSS(Cascading Stylesheet) CSS help to style HTML element like align them, changing font-style, background-image, color, position and much more.

It takes you 2–3 week 📅 to learn CSS, so you can build something with HTML and CSS 👨‍🎨.

JavaScript, programming 👨‍💻 the web

Now, after learning HTML and CSS, you are going to learn the only programing language of a webpage.

JavaScript help you to make a webpage even dynamic.

It takes you 10–12 month to learn JavaScript, so you can call yourself a programmer.

So what next 🤷🏻‍♂️

Now its time to build some project with all the thing you’ve learn.

Building project not only help you think like a programmer but also takes your programming skill to next level.

So, bang 💥 on your keyboard and get your hand dirty by building recipe 🍴 with programming.


With that being said, whether you start programming in 2021 or after that these are the bare minimum things you must know.

After you move further, you will eventually get to know more stuffs.


Thanks for sticking around. Keep Learning.