5 Must Know Websites for Web Developers

Programming is more about exploring than just coding.
5 Must Know Websites for Web Developers

Table of Contents

  1. MDN Web Docs
  2. Medium
  3. Dev Community
  4. GitHub
  5. Stackoverflow
  6. Conclusion

One of the crucial part of being a programmer is finding right resources and use them efficiently.

Though using those resources is varies from person to person. But having knowledge about is must for every developer out there.

In this article we'll discuss several websites that a developer should aware of.

So let's put it into work:

1. MDN Web Docs

Resources for Developers, by Developers


When it comes to have a pretty goof knowledge about any web technology these is one website I first end up with: MDN Web Docs. This website covers the topics regarding the HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The contents of this website is too good to be overlooked.

The writer explains every bit of information in a plain english way. And this is also my favorite website which makes me to put it at the first of the list.

So i personally encourage you to do visit this site, if you haven't.

2. Medium

Where good ideas find you.


If you are a developer who loves to gain knowledge by reading articles apart from watching video, then Medium is here for you.

Over 200 dev writers share their knowledge through their articles so you can
find high quality articles relevant to your domain.

Medium is my go to website to get a rich knowledge about any particular topic.

So consider this site as your next programming resource.

3. Dev Community


Since Medium has a particular group of writers who belongs to programming, but Dev.to is the entire platform made for developer. This the specific resources where you can find articles about any programming technologies.

Majority of Dev's articles are pretty straight forward, and it make sense.

So do give it a shot.

4. GitHub

Where the world builds software


If you are in this programming fields, then it's hard to believe that you haven't heard about GitHub.

Probably you have one , if not more than one.

And if you haven't then you are missing.

For you quick reference:

GitHub is a hosting platform the store source code and it's version using popular version control system GIT.

It wouldn't be wrong if I say, GitHub is going to be the next resume for a developer, and it makes sense.

So make a GitHub account to show your potential as a developer.

5. Stackoverflow

For Developers, By Developers


Like I mention earlier, programming is more about thinking than just coding. So in case you are developing a programs, chances are you might end up with running out of logic and idea.

So what else you need that Stackoverflow.

Stackoverflow is a forum platform specially made for programmer.

The community of developer here on Stackoverflow is so vast that chances are you could find solution of your problem on this website.

Wrap things up

Having said that, this is not the whole list of resources. These are the resources which I personally prefer.

Thanks for sticking around. Keep Learning.